About 1933 Classic Tattoos

Classic tattoos in a classic, comfortable, professional environment, this is what you can expect from 1933. The brainchild of Rasty and Ronald, two artists driven by a love and commitment for tattooing and art in general, the space is set up as a relaxing and creative zone where everyone is welcome. Rasty and Ronald are both capable of covering a wide variety of tattoo styles and pride themselves in being able to draw you up a design from scratch, all you need is an idea, maybe some reference of course the ca$h money. This way you can be sure to leave satisfied with the work you get done at 1933 Classic Tattoos. Just remember a happy artist means a happy client that good work is not always cheap and cheap work is not always good.

Located at 33 De Korte st in Braamfontein, it is situated a block away from Wits university and in the heart of the Joburg's new creative and entertainment hub. 1933 shares the space with the new Grayscale graffiti store and Gallery. Having been in Braamfontein for 3 years Grayscale found the new shop that gave them room to expand and open the gallery space. The gallery has regular exhibitions,live art events and screenings, with artwork ranging from graffiti to photography. The premises presented the perfect opportunity for the inevitable merging of two art forms that are so different yet also very closely linked.